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Fall into a Winter Warm-Up

Fall into a Winter Warm-Up

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Autumn Arrivals at PishPoshBabyEven though we still get some warm days, there's no denying that the weather is cooling down. As much as I hate to see all the glorious sunshine turn into the cold winter sun, I'm hoping for and looking forward to a winter of sparkling beauty in the sunshine bouncing off the snow. But I want to be prepared. That means shopping for my own gear. Warm and chic coats/jackets, classy scarves and shawls, elegant gloves, sophisticated boots, and all those fun things. It also means preparing the little ones for winter too. I'm good and organized so I created a list from top to bottom. They do need the same things as I do, but also more. Here's my fall baby gear collection: Footmuffs I think that footmuffs and bundle-mes are the greatest invention! I always send my baby with his blanket when he goes to day care or I take him on a stroll (he can't nap without it). But it really makes me crazy when it falls on the ground. The footmuff in my stroller and the bundle-me in my car seat really save me the hassle. I can put my little Michael in and know that he's warm and cozy without me having to keep track of his blanket. Personally, I have the both the Bugaboo Off White Universal Footmuff and I love it! Handmuffs This is really for me more than for my baby. I do have beautiful, warm gloves, but my hands still get cold sometimes. This is a perfect solution for me, especially if I need to take off my gloves or left them at home (I'm notorious for that!). There are a number of manufacturers that make them. I chose the 7 AM Faux Shearling Handmuff in black. Their chic, warm, and comfortable. Blankets No need to explain the advantages of this one... Warm, comfy and cozy just about sums it up. I don't know if it's called a favorite if I have more than one, but I have a few favorites with blankets. When Michael was younger I would use the Lassig Swaddle Blankets. Now I like the Delore Rosebud for around the house. I'm going to get the new Bugaboo Wool Blanket in Melange Grey for outings. And that's in addition to the ones I got as baby gifts. Hats I distinctly remember my father telling me that I lose 80% of my body heat through my head. Well I read up on it to see if it's true. Turns out that the reason most people lose that much body heat from their heads is because their head is the part of the body not covered. That is to say, if I went out in short sleeves and shorts, I'd lose a smaller percentage of body heat from my head but a larger percentage from my legs and arms. Some people suggest that we do lose a marginal greater percentage through our heads because they are rich in blood vessels. But that's all it is, a light increase. So what do I take out of all this? Cover as much of my children's bodies as possible. And anyway, I love hats! I've got my eye on the Jamie Rae Blue Football Hat. Keep warm, Sarah

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