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How to Take Stunning Baby Pics on an iPhone

How to Take Stunning Baby Pics on an iPhone

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As a fellow mom, I know how precious baby moments are - they pass by in the blink of an eye! From those first toothless smiles to ice cream smeared all over a beaming imp and their high chair too, every moment is worth capturing. 

And what better way to hold onto those memories than through photographs?

Now, we all know that snapping the perfect baby picture can be a bit of a challenge, especially when your little one is constantly on the move or in a stubborn mood. Plus, even if you own a good camera, it’s usually the iPhone that’s conveniently on hand.

Fear not! With the power of your trusty phone and a few handy tips, you can learn how to take stunning pictures on an iPhone and capture those fleeting moments in all their adorable glory.

Natural light is your best friend

When it comes to photography, lighting is the most important factor. And natural light is your secret weapon of how to take stunning pictures on an iPhone. Try to take photos near a window or outdoors during the golden hour (just before sunset or after sunrise) for soft, flattering light that will make your baby's features glow.


Keep it candid

Some of the most adorable baby photos are the ones that capture genuine, spontaneous moments. Instead of forcing smiles or poses, let your little one be themselves and snap away while they play, laugh, or explore their surroundings. You'll end up with photos that truly reflect their personality. 

Though candidness aside, when you’re taking more poised ‘n polished, formal photos, equip yourself with some great on-the-go baby gear, such as the Fridababy grooming kit and the Fridababy nose,nail, and ear picker, to touch them up on set.

And speaking of coming prepared, it’s a good idea to keep a portable phone charger in your stroller bag so that you don’t run out of battery power during an outdoor shoot.


Get down to their level

To capture those intimate, up-close moments, get down on your baby's eye level. This perspective will create a more personal connection in your photos and make them feel like you're right there with them in the moment.

And as you experiment with the best ways of how to take stunning pictures on an iPhone, try different viewpoints and perspectives - above, below, or from the side - to add variety and interest to your photos. You might be surprised at the unique angles you can capture.


Focus on the details

Babies grow and change so quickly, so be sure to capture all those tiny details that make them special - their chubby cheeks, tiny fingers and toes, or that adorable dimple when they smile. 

Be creative! Take some shots of your fun-loving kiddo trying to grab bubbles in the bathtub. Or capture that conversation your baby’s having with the animals on their playmat.


Have fun with props

Playing around with adorable props is another fun tip of how to take stunning pictures on an iPhone.

Lorena Canals makes the most adorable baskets, perfect for holding a tiny newborn. Just prop that cute lil head on a beautiful cushion and tuck a Crane or Cuddle+Kind doll into their arms and you’ve got a set that’s nothing short of angelic.

Also, scattering some pretty blocks on a llama rug is such a whimsical way to capture your child at play. 

Look around your nursery and be creative with the props you already own that can enhance your photo shoots


Roll with the punches

Let's face it, babies can be unpredictable. They might not always cooperate or sit still for the perfect shot, and that's okay! 

As you learn how to take stunning pictures on an iPhone, remember to be patient, stay relaxed, and keep snapping away. 

Sometimes the most unexpected moments turn out to be the most heartwarming ones. Like two siblings giggling together - that’s the photo Grandma wants.

Lights, camera, action

So grab your phone and get ready to fill your camera roll with precious moments that you'll want to share with everyone. Your next gorgeous photo is just a click away!

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