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How You Can Pick Out an Awesome Stroller for Your Family

How You Can Pick Out an Awesome Stroller for Your Family

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The process of finding an awesome stroller that is right for your family is often times accompanied with feelings of overwhelm. We often hear parents complain and ask:
There are so many strollers out there – how do I even pick out one?
My husband and I both felt the same way when we were shopping for a stroller for our first child a few years back. I specifically remember spending countless hours researching (and learning) about the different types of strollers as well as their pros and cons. After that experience, my husband and I decided to create Mommy Stroller to help parents figure out what type of stroller would work best for their family. In running the blog, I have noticed that besides the stroller type (umbrella, lightweight, double, jogging strollers, etc), most strollers have similar features, with the main difference being the number/type of features a stroller has. I have condensed a good amount of my research and knowledge into 5 different factors that parents should consider before they purchase any stroller. Stroller 101- How to Pick Out a Stroller

Use of the Stroller

The very first thing you should ask yourself is:
How do I plan to use the stroller?
The most common uses of a stroller include running errands, going on jogs or hikes, and for traveling. By defining how you plan to use the stroller, you narrow down the stroller options drastically. For example, if you plan to jog with the stroller, you should only look at just jogging strollers as other types of strollers are unsuitable for jogging purposes. Note that aside from jogging, jogging strollers can also be used for everyday use like running errands. Other types of strollers include umbrella strollers and lightweight strollers, which are recommended for running errands and for travelling respectively.

Number of Kids

You would think that this one’s pretty obvious because you obviously need a double stroller if you have two kids. However, what’s really common is that parents buy a single stroller for their first child, and after a year or two, decide they need a double stroller to accommodate their second child. As strollers can be expensive, parents can avoid such a scenario if they did some child planning. For example, if you have one child now but you and your spouse want a second child in the near future, it is often better to buy a versatile stroller (such as the Baby Jogger City Select) that can accommodate up to 3 children.

Your Budget

Strollers are likely one of the most costly purchase you’ll make for your baby. It is therefore important to ask yourself:
How much am I able to spend on a stroller?
In general, strollers which cost more tend to offer more “nice-to-have” and convenient features. Some of these features include adjustable handlebars, more cushion on the seat(s) and even better customer service from the stroller manufacturer.


For portability, the questions to ask yourself are:
Are you always on to go? Do you often go traveling?
If you answer “yes” to either question, then the portability of the stroller is something you’ll want to take into account before making a purchase. After all, who wants to carry around a heavy stroller for their travels?

Extra Features

Having an idea of what features you want in a stroller is also a good way to narrow down your stroller selection. Among features that I personally find nice to have include:

Adjustable handlebars

This is especially important if you and your partner have significant height differences. A common complain of parents is that the handlebar for a stroller is too low and therefore they need to hunch/bend forward to push the stroller.

Large storage space

Who doesn’t like more storage space to store essential items?

Newborn Suitable / Car Seat Compatible

If you are planning to use the stroller for a newborn, then the stroller must be suitable for newborn use. This means that the stroller must have a deep, true-reclining seat, or is car seat compatible. An example of a newborn suitable stroller is the Bugaboo Bee3 or Nuna Mixx.

High Weight Capacity

Having a stroller that has a higher weight capacity means that it will be able to accommodate your child much longer.

Closing Words

The 5 factors discussed in this article should provide parents with a good guideline to select the perfect stroller for their family. If you need help with picking out the best stroller for your needs, try taking a quiz I designed, or contacting the Pish Posh Baby team, or myself. We’d be more than happy to help. Good luck!
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