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Humidifier Controversy!

Humidifier Controversy!

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When I was reading up about kid humidifiers I came across some very interesting information. It is very important to constantly clean humidifiers so that mold and allergens don’t build up. It’s recommended to use a 10% bleach solution every 24 hours in order to effectively eliminate the build-up. I grew up with the cool mist humidifier for whenever anyone in my family was congested. Apparently, there are people who believe that there is benefit of keeping a humidifier running in a baby’s nursery, particularly in the winter. The theory is that the moisture in the air helps protect the little one’s skin from drying out. But most interesting for me was that there are very many people who swear by the humidifier and its benefits for decongestion. And, there are just as many who are adamant that humidifiers don’t do anything at all, other than use water and electricity! Personally, I love the Crane humidifiers. They’ve got the classic drop style in multiple colors, in addition to the different adorable animal styles. Features: Crane was the first to change the design of the ordinary humidifier into a whimsical animal or classy drop design. Humidifiers that make you smile! Provides Non-Medicated Relief for Cough, Cold and Flu Symptoms, Congestion, Dry Skin and Chapped Lips Whisper Quiet Up to 2.1 Gallon Moisture Output per Day One Gallon Water Tank Runs up to 11 hours Auto off Function When Tank is Empty Low Power Consumption Easier Breathing for a Good Night's Sleep Removable Water Tank that Fits Easily Under Most Bathroom Sinks Provides Moisture for Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation, Dry Skin Suitable room size: Approx. 250 sq.ft/ 23m2 Patented FDA registered What is your take on the matter? Do you believe that they work for decongestion or not? Sarah

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