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Identical Quadruplets Surprise Mom

Identical Quadruplets Surprise Mom

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Twins? Triplets? Quadruplets!?! Kimberly and Craig Fugate from Mississippi have a ten year old daughter and found out that Kimberly was having an unplanned pregnancy. As time went on, with the help of ultrasounds, it became clear that she was not having 1 baby, nor 2. She was expecting 3! What was even more amazing is that they are all identical. The chances of that happening is one in a million. Literally, 1:1,000,000. But this story gets better! On February 8th, at 28 weeks pregnant Kimberly underwent a c-section to give birth to her three girls: Kenleigh Rosa, Kristen Sue, and Kayleigh Pearl. Once they were all born she suddenly heard the doctor announce, "More feet!", and out came Kelsey Roxanne! Kimberly broke the news to an astonished Craig by asking him to count the ID bracelets on her arm. Identical quadruplets! The chances of having identical quadruplets is under 1:1,700,00! Most unusual. Dr. James Bofill, the director of UMMC's maternal-fetal medicine says that it is the first time in his career of 27 years that he got surprised at a birth with a fourth baby. Though UMMC has seen the birth of quadruplets before, this is the only time that UMMC has seen identical quadruplets. Not surprising based on the statistics. He relates that when one of his fellows told him the news, at first he thought she was jesting. Thankfully, all 4 girls are doing well, for the most part, and are likely to come home in May.

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