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Introducing the Moutain Buggy Juno 4-in-1 Carrier!

Introducing the Moutain Buggy Juno 4-in-1 Carrier!

Posted in Category_Hottest New Baby Gear for 2015!>Carriers for 2015, Category_Mountain Buggy>juno, mountain buggy carrier, mountain buggy juno
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-juno-juno-web-shop-folder-juno_face-in-with-newborn-insert-carry-mode-629086-1-eng-RW-juno_face-in-with-newborn-insert-carry-mode_product_largeAfter debuting their full line of beautiful upgraded strollers this month, Mountain Buggy has surprised us all with their all-new Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier. Mountain Buggy collaborated with a team of medical professionals, parents and children to develop the Juno carrier. The Juno promises safety, quality materials and world class innovation in one bundle, ensuring a truly authentic Mountain Buggy experience every time you carry. Designed for use from newborn up to 44 lbs. What makes the Juno carrier stand out? Four medically approved carrying modes junocarrier
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-juno-juno_tiles_400x351_handsthrough1-603304-2-eng-RW-juno_tiles_400x351_handsthrough1 Hands through connection pouch: providing a natural and connected carry
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-juno-juno_tiles_400x351_innovativeseat1-603238-2-eng-RW-juno_tiles_400x351_innovativeseat1 Innovative width adjustable seat: for an ergonomically supported carry
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-juno-juno_tiles_400x351_hood1-603298-2-eng-RW-juno_tiles_400x351_hood1 Protective hood with a stow away pocket: offering protection, support and privacy
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-juno-juno_tiles_400x351_chestclip1-603292-2-eng-RW-juno_tiles_400x351_chestclip1 Magnetic sternum strap fastening with shoulder strap runners for ease of use
Included infant insert Available in four colors: black, sand, charcoal & nautical. Retail: $179.99

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