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Itzy Ritzy is now at PishPoshBaby!

Itzy Ritzy is now at PishPoshBaby!

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Itzy-Ritzy-Nursing-Happens-Infinity-Nursing-Cover-Pink-Kiss-ChevronWe are super excited to welcome the Itzy Ritzy line to PishPoshBaby! At Itzy Ritzy, we believe parenting in style is possible. Our modern multi‐purpose products pack a number of dazzling punches to provide attractive solutions to everyday challenges without making you do a lot of work. We consider our job done when you get your job done in a stylish, exciting and refreshingly simple way. The incredibly popular Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags score rave reviews everywhere, with celebrities and us regular people hooked on their amazing functionality and great quality. Their new Infinity Nursing scarf is a fashionable, everyday scarf that is convenient to wear and use when nursing baby - great gift idea! Check out their full line at PishPoshBaby!

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