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Jane Koos - Revolutionary Car Seat - Coming to the USA!

Jane Koos - Revolutionary Car Seat - Coming to the USA!

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koos Better design, lighter and safer. The Jane Koos is the newest infant car seat to the USA. Koos is the baby carrier that combines an extremely light weight with maximum safety. This is a seat that holds up to 28 lbs, while weighing just 5.5 lbs! This is the lightest infant seat on the market! I know what you are thinking - how can a fully-loaded car seat weigh so little? What features is it missing? The answer? NOTHING! The Jane Koos includes everything you would ever want, including a lockable belt path, LATCH system, Load Leg on the base, rebound bar, and great side impact protection. Anything missing? I don't think so! Made using breathable materials, Koos is very comfortable for the baby and easy to handle for parents. The very stable, light structure makes the baby carrier very easy to carry and also makes it safer for the baby, as in the event of an impact the displacement is less than with a heavier baby carrier. The new ergonomic handle lets you change the position quickly, safely and easily.IMG_3320 Koos is ideal for travelling but also for going out walking, as it is fitted with the “Pro fix” system, meaning that with just one movement it can be fitted onto any Jane stroller chassis. Don't have a Jane stroller? That's alright! The Jane Koos will include adapters that will then make the car seat compatible with any Maxi Cosi/Cybex/Nuna car seat adapter! ETA: September 2016 Price: $270 Colors: Orange, Grey, Teal, Black, and Grass. IMG_3319 IMG_3321 koos koos3

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