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Jane Powertwin Stroller - Full Review!

Jane Powertwin Stroller - Full Review!

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8609558624678160Jane has created the most awesome, and when I say awesome - i mean AWESEOME, double in-line buggy with all-terrain features called the Jane Powertwin. The Jane Powertwin is a great double inline stroller designed for the enjoyment of nature - and the comfort of your children. Most inline double strollers have the second seat tucked away in the underseat basket (mom having another baby is hard enough for your toddler - why stuff him in the backseat?). Strollers with the second seat attaching at the front lack all-terrain features. The Jane Powertwin is the first double stroller with two normal seats so both of your children can enjoy the walk. Both seats recline (!) and the stroller includes the raincover. The huge underseat basket is large enough to fit anything you'd want to bring along with you. Did I mention that it has 3 air tires for easy maneuverability? Plus there are two suspensions positions in the back and front disc brakes. The exterior fabric and hood are water repellent and the inside fabrics are breathable. All fabrics can be removed easily for washing. The Jane Powertwin will come in both Black/Shadow and Sand/Red - I love both combinations.
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