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Keenz XC+ Vs Wonderfold W4 LUXE Stroller Wagons - Full Comparison!

Keenz XC+ Vs Wonderfold W4 LUXE Stroller Wagons - Full Comparison!

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Whether it's a trip at the park or a walk along the beach, a stroller wagon is great to have on hand. The Keenz XC+ and the Wonderfold W4 LUXE are both great stroller wagon options for a few kids (either of these strollers can hold up to 4 kids at most). If you’re interested in finding out the differences between these two stroller wagons, here's your chance! 

The Wonderfold W4 LUXE stroller wagon has larger wheels than the Keenz XC wagon, and it also has a sturdier push. However the Keenz XC is more economical than the Luxe, because it’s priced about fifty dollars higher than the Wonderfold Luxe. The Keenz is also lighter - the Wonderfold Luxe is about 9 pounds heavier than the Keenz XC+.

Wonderfold W4 Stroller Wagon

The Wonderfold W4 stroller wagon is quite a popular stroller wagon, with plenty of features you’ll appreciate. The stroller wagon is easy to fold, and the canopy and canopy poles are adjustable. An adjustable handlebar is perfect for the one pushing the stroller, and a front zippered entrance makes ins and outs easier than ever. The wagon can hold up to 300 pounds.

It has all-terrain wheels, making the wagon a great choice for full-fledged outdoor adventures. The W4 Luxe wagon also has four reclining seats with magnetic harnesses. To top it off, there’s a vegan leather handlebar for the ultimate in comfort and style. There are a lot of accessories that come with the Wonderfold W4 stroller wagon, but they are sold separately. 

Keenz XC+ Stroller Wagon

The Keenz XC+ stroller wagon comes fully loaded. There’s a snack tray, all-terrain wheels, and tons of storage space. The cushioned seats can be reclined, and are also able to be removed. There’s a canopy system with blackout panels and UV protection. Like on the Luxe, mesh sides offer airflow. Dual leather handlebars on this wagon make it easy to push from either direction (the Wonderfold only has a handle on one side, so that’s a plus).

The 4 wheel spring suspension and 5-point adjustable harness on both sides make this one a practical choice. The Keenz XC+ stroller wagon is a great choice for a stroller wagon. The wagon weighs 54 pounds, while the Wonderfold W4 Luxe weighs 63 pounds. The Keenz XC+ is easy to fold up. It comes with most accessories included. 

Both of these stroller wagons are great options! The Keenz is more economical, but the Wonderfold does have some features you might appreciate. Here's a chart where you can see the differences between these two stroller wagons so you can decide which one makes the most sense for you! 

Keenz XC+ Stroller Wagon

Wonderfold W4 LUXE Stroller Wagon


43.5” L x 29.5” W x 39.75-56” H (Handlebar) or 56” H (Canopy)

WonderFold W4 LUXE: 49" L x 29" W x 36.5-44" H (Handlebar) or 49" H (Canopy)

Folded Dimensions

24.25” L x 29.5” W x 44” H

20" L x 29" W x 44.5" H

Weight capacity

220 pounds

198 pounds; 99 pounds per seat

Wheel size

7.5” front wheels; 11.5” rear wheels

10” front wheels; 12” rear wheels

Seating surface width



Wagon weight

54 pounds

55 pounds




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