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Learning Carpets - Loads of Fun!

Learning Carpets - Loads of Fun!

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logoI don't know about you, but I grew up alongside my brother pushing matchbox cars on faded, creased plastic mats. Without exaggeration, we must have spent hours a week spinning around energetically, crashing into each other so many times, someone's wheels always fell off. So that's why I am so excited to welcome the Learning Carpets to PishPoshBaby! The award-winning Learning Carpets are durable, adorable, and will provide hours of entertainment for your family. They've got so many different patterns, ranging from hopscotches to houses, rodeos to racetracks, and marble runs to the crazy roads! With an unlimited warranty, you can be sure your 100% nylon mat will withstand rugged wear inside and outside. The carpet is soil and stain resistant, as well as washable. The durable latex gel skid-proof backing will ensure steady play. Check out the full collection on our site! Learning-Carpets-Chalk-WalkLearning-Carpets-My-HometownLearning-Carpets-Our-Dream-HouseLearning-Carpets-Morning-TiL-NIghT

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