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Limited Edition Stokke Scoot Colors + Scoot Style Kits!

Limited Edition Stokke Scoot Colors + Scoot Style Kits!

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softpinkaquablueStokke will be introducing two limited editions Stokke Scoot colors - Aqua Blue and Soft Pink. Both colors are stylishly accented with muted Grey Melange on the canopy. Our smart urban stroller is now more chic than ever. Already own the Stokke Scoot stroller and want to add more whimsy? Check out Stokke's new Style Kits for the Stokke Scoot. The colorful polka dots bring our the playful side of our smart urban stroller. Change up the look of your stroller to express your personal sense of style. Available in Soft Dots and Retro Dots. retrodots sofdots

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