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We love the Pello Comfy Cradle - Full Review!

We love the Pello Comfy Cradle - Full Review!

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comfy-cradleEveryone who knows me, knows how much I love my Pello pillow. It's so versatile and adorable and comfortable, my 2 year old uses it for chilling even more than my 5 month old does! You can read my comparison to the Dockatot here . I recently got Pello's other amazing product, the Comfy Cradle. If I though the Pello was versatile, just wait until you meet the Comfy Cradle! The Comfy Cradle is a small padded mat that opens and closes with strong velcro to allow a custom fit. The Pello Comfy Cradle is ideal for when you are for nursing, bottle feeding and holding, as it creates a really comfortable position for your baby's head. (My toddler usually steals it in between feedings to swaddle her dolls). Feedings are a great bonding time, but there's no question that it can cause arm-aches (I know I had those!). This cradle is truly a life-saver and I've added it onto my must-have list for new parents. It's available in the same beautiful colors and combo's as the Pello is available in, so you can coordinate the two. It's a great gift item for a new parent at just $29.95. Shop the new Comfy Cradles Here

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