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Maclaren 2012 Collection - An In Depth Look!

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Just got back from an exclusive preview of the 2012 Maclaren Strollers and accessories at their SoHo showroom. Maclaren was not at the ABC show this year so we were really excited to see what they have to offer and they sure did not disappoint! 2012 is going to be huge for Maclaren as they have some really exciting stuff. Maclaren has introduced and new concept in child safety. All their strollers for 2012 meet the Global Safety Standard. The means that all stroller meet or excede the highest safety standards mandated anywhere in the world. Including: Japan, Australia, Europe, USA, and more! What New? A brand new stroller for Maclaren! The Maclaren Globetrotter. We're super excited about it. Moms love the volo because its so easy and so lightweight But.... Moms dont like that it doesn't recline at all. (Yes babies fall asleep while they are being pushed around in a stroller.... wouldn't you?!) Welcome the new maclaren Globetrotter. AKA the Reclining Volo Stroller. globetrotter Another great new item from maclaren is their new universal stroller bag. Fits with all strollers. Actually in this picture the quest stroller is inside and still lots of room so will fit the XLR without any issue. maclaren 2012 stroller bag Universal Rain Cover - Maclaren now has a universal rain cover that will fit on all their single strollers. It has a ribbing across so it stays away from the baby even on those cold windy days. (The rain cover included with the strollers are not the universal ones though). Whats New For the Maclaren Quest 2012? The most excting change for 2012 is the Quest stroller. The Quest is now a from Birth stroller and will recline almost all the way flat! The quest now does not have that position and really can not be used for a newborn. Another great change for the quest is the all new one hand easy recline!! No more 2 hand difficult recline. This recline is super easy and smooth. I tested it out and was suprised how simple it was to do. The Quest now also has a built in head barrier for an infant that protects the infants head and is covered fully by the back panel of the stroller. There is also a new built in foot barrier that can be used for an infant and when not in use it folds nealtly into a pocket on the footrest. (Very cool!) Memory Style Leg Rest - Have the leg rest up or down and it will stay that way when you fold the stroller. No need to put the leg rest down in order to fold your buggy. The Maclaren now features a handstrap similiar to that of the bugaboo cameleon. (Needed for Japan & Austraila Standards). The footbrake is now Red - for higher visability and ease of use. Harness Improvements - The harness straps now attach to the fixed frame and not just onto the fabric. For a safer and more secure ride. Handlebars on the quest now have a really cool stripe on them.... funky! Super excited about the new changes coming for the quest 2012. Heres some pics: one hand quest 2012 foldcup holder _____ Whats new for the Triumph 2012? The Maclaren triumph 2012 will have the global safety standards and in addition a gorgeous preppy new Rugby look. This stroller is GORGEOUS! The fabric of the quest is a polyester twill and its Super Soft! The Maclaren logo is now in a crest and the stroller has a ruby stripe across the seat back. The back panel of the stroller has scattered crests. LOVE IT!! maclaren triumph 2012 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Whats New for the Maclaren XLR 2012? Biggest news for the Maclaren XLR is the new seat back. Its now quilted with large squares. Really comfy and nice. In addition the XLR now has the option of a bassinet!~! Yes, thats right. The Soft Cot from Maclaren will fit the XLR stroller and will be available in 3 colors to match each XLR stroller. The XLR will be available in an offwhite color with green accents. (Similar colors to the lacoste stroller thats been discontinued :( ) Whats new for the Maclaren Volo 2012? The Maclaren Volo for 2012 will feature a two tone hood. Very Cool! As well the Dylan Candy Bar is now available in the maclaren volo stroller. VERY FUN!! Whats new for the Twin Triumph 2012 & Twin Techno 2012? The 2012 maclaren Twin Triumph and Twin Techno will feature a linked brake. So only need to brake once and both sides will lock. (The 2011 model does not have that feature.). What else is new for 2012? New footmuffs coming out from maclaren including an expandable footmuff. It grows with your child! As well as an all new faux leather footmuff with a fur inside..... GORGEOUS! New Carry bags, Diaper Bags and some really cool stroller liners! (All strollers will have a place to attach the stroller liner to.)