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Making Mealtime Mess Free: Our Favorite Picks!

Making Mealtime Mess Free: Our Favorite Picks!

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Make mealtime neat and easy for your little one with these adorable suction plates, silicone bibs and cute + practical mini feeding utensils! 

EZPZ First Foods Set

The popular EZPZ First Foods Set is made for little hands, with a matching suction plate, bowl, and cup, and two little spoons. You can use it to feed your baby, and then, when your little one gets a bit older, he can use it to learn to feed himself! 

We love the suction feature on these throw proof utensils - it makes mealtime so much easier! No overturned bowls, for much less mess. 

This set comes in several colors, so that you can choose the one that matches best to your baby's high chair or your kitchen. It’s dishwasher safe, for easy cleaning. 



EZPZ Mini Cup & Straw Training System

The EZPZ Mini Cup & Straw Training System is the perfect way to teach your baby to drink with a straw.

The ridges on the top of the straw make it easier for your little one to get the hang of it. This cup is spill resistant (although not 100% spill proof), and, like all EZPZ products, is dishwasher safe.


Make My Day Bib

These food catcher bibs come in over a dozen designs! Babies love these bibs because they’re so colorful and fun looking, and moms can’t get over how they’re so easy to clean, and how they really catch those crumbs, keeping them contained. 



Mushie Bibs

Mushie bibs are trendy and cute and so easy to clean! Parents love that you never need to even think about washing this bib in the machine or hanging it to dry - you just wash it in the dishwasher, or even in your kitchen sink!


Mushie Spill Proof Snack Cup

This one’s really more for snacking on the go than for dinner, but we liked it so much we just couldn’t leave it out. The Mushie Spillproof Snack Cup has two small handles so it's easy for little hands to hold. This snack cup is a must-have for toddlers on the move! 


Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

The Boon Squirt baby food dispensing spoon is perfect for those first feedings. It lets you dispense food one spoon at a time, making mealtime so easy! 

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