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Make Your Bed Day

Make Your Bed Day

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Glenna Jean Ok, I’ll admit, as moms we often have make other people’s beds too, not just our own. As moms we are also responsible to make sure that our little ones are safe, including their sleep environment. I’d like to address the BIG debate about crib bumper safety. Should I use a bumper or go bumper-free? I know they’re cute and give parents the peace of mind that little arms and legs won’t get stuck between the bars. But then comes the question arises, are crib bumpers safe. Do bumpers actually prove to be more dangerous? There are worries and concerns of strangulation and asphyxiation. I did some research on this. The CDC recommends erring on the side of caution. They recommend putting infants to sleep on their backs. The bedding should be snug over the mattress, and there should not be any stuffed animals or toys in the crib. About bumpers, the CDC does not seem to have a problem with them as long as they are secured well around the railings of the crib and that it is tucked in between the mattress and the walls/railings. This is to make sure that even if the baby rolls over they will not get entangled in it. What do you do? Do you use bumpers or do you go bumper-free? Sarah

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