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Maxi Cosi + Edward van Vliet Special Edition STAR Mico Max 30, Kaia & Pria 85!

Maxi Cosi + Edward van Vliet Special Edition STAR Mico Max 30, Kaia & Pria 85!

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starEdward van Vliet is an industrial designer with a passion for textiles. His Amsterdam studio offers total design solutions to national and international clients, designing offices, private homes, public spaces, and now on this his special collaberation with Maxi Cosi! In this new series, Maxi Cosi features their special edition Pria 85 and Mico Max 30 infant seats, as well as the Kaia stroller. Patterns – whether painted, printed, knitted, embroidered or created by light – add a tactile quality and make a design or space come to life. Edward van Vliet’s textile and interior designs fit perfectly with the Maxi-Cosi style aesthetic. He brings layering into his designs by using various patterns and color, creating rich and interesting interiors and unique furnishings. “Apart from using nature as an endless source of inspiration, my fascination for geometry, symmetry, layers and repetition plays an important role in creating new and surprising patterns.” - Edward van Vliet View the full collection here! Maxi-Cosi-Pria-85-Special-Edition-Convertible-Car-Seat-Star-by-Edward-van-Vliet Maxi-Cosi-Kaia-Special-Edition-Stroller-Star-by-Edward-van-Vliet Maxi-Cosi-Mico-Max-Special-Edition-Infant-Car-Seat-Star-by-Edward-van-Vliet Maxi-Cosi-Kaia-Special-Edition-Stroller-Star-by-Edward-van-Vliet2

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