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Meet the newest Must-Have: The Kepi Swaddle System

Meet the newest Must-Have: The Kepi Swaddle System

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KepiBaby_158The number one concern new parents have is the safety of their children. While there are many differences in opinion around what is safe for a baby, there is no doubt that swaddling keeps your baby calm and cozy. The new Kepi Swaddle System will be coming out soon and it's the safest, fail-proof, worry-free way to swaddle your baby. The Kepi system is made of three parts: the Kepi Kozy, Kepi Board, and the Kepi Dock. The Kepi Kozy is an amazingly designed swaddle that promotes healthy hip growth by allowing natural leg movement, while reducing the risk of Hip-Dysplasia.8412b3597d54e6c8ede4f695293a0acf The Kepi Board is used for when you are holding your baby, the patented design protects and supports your newborns head, neck, and spine, while reducing the risk of Plagiocephaly (Flathead Syndrome). The Board should be used together with the Kozy to provide the complete support. The Kepi Dock is an additional dock that is elevated, anti-roll design promotes healthy digestion and ease of breathing - for a safe, calm, and comfortable sleep. Coming soon to the USA!

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