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Micro Kickboard Scooters: Wheel right into the fun!

Micro Kickboard Scooters: Wheel right into the fun!

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Micro Kickboard Scooters are the most awesome thing for toddlers and little kids everywhere! These adorable scooters come in bright, exciting colors and are just so, so much fun. 

This scooter is built with safety in mind, with smooth gliding wheels, a low deck with a raised silicone grip to keep your little kid steady, and a safe lean-to-steer design for the ultimate in stability. Non-marking wheels prevent floors from getting scarred if your little one ever rides around inside the house. High quality wheels plus a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck work together to absorb bumps. And of course, the handlebar is adjustable, so you can change things around as your child grows!

Micro Kickboard Mini Scooters

Micro Kickboard Mini scooters are for toddlers and little kids, from ages 2-5, and can hold up to 75 pounds. The Micro Mini Deluxe is the classic Kickboard scooter for little kids. Then there’s the foldable Mini Deluxe, for compact storage. There’s also the Micro Mini Deluxe LED scooter, for a little bit of glow and loads of fun, with LED lights on the front wheels! And the newest is the Magic Mini Deluxe, which has LED lights on the handlebar and the front wheels. You can read the review on this magic scooter on our blog! One more choice: the Mini Deluxe Eco, which is sustainably sourced. 

Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooters

Micro Kickboard Maxi scooters are built for older kids, from 5-12, and can hold 110 pounds, 35 pounds more than the mini scooter! So there’s the standard Micro Maxi Deluxe, a foldable Maxi Deluxe, an LED scooter, and a Maxi Deluxe foldable LED scooter. The Maxi Deluxe Pro is the only scooter that comes in maxi but not in mini. It has a unique design, and comes with a chopper-style handlebar. 

Summer is right around the corner, and stock is getting low. Now’s the time to get your little one a Micro Kickboard scooter!

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