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Mima Zigi Stroller: Full In-Depth Review

Mima Zigi Stroller: Full In-Depth Review

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main Style on wheels, the Mima Zigi is going to be your favorite knew accessory. With little details making this stroller stylish and comfortable. Not only does this stroller stroll like a deam, you'l look good while doing it. SPECS At 40 x 26.5 x 18 this stroller is a great zeize for maneuvering busy streets without bumping into everything you're around. At 18.5lbs it is easy to haul around wherever you go and has a weight capacity 44lbs. spec FOLDED When folded it is 22 x 18 x 10” a great size to fit in your trunk and take with you wherever you go. The one handed fold stands upright and so easy to store. fold SEAT The Mima Zigi has a near flat recline. The actual seat itself is suitable for a 6 months child but it is also car seat compatible. With adapters the seatback can be removed and the stroller becomes car seat compatible and can hold newborns. The canopy attached to the seat is amazing, made out of luxuries fabric it extends in a blink of an eye. The canopy extends up and over your child's head and has a mesh peekaboo window to peak at your little one. Safety comes first so the Zigi has 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads. seats WHEELS The wheels for this stroller are clear! This cool feature adds a little style to the stroller. The clear wheels are not only light but they are extremely durable too! Mima Zigi has rear wheel suspension and will guarantee a smooth ride for both you and your child. Overall this stroller strolls like a dream. wheels BRAKES The foot brake makes it easy to stop on a dime. It’s super easy to stop and is a definite plus to this stroller. Brakes HANDLEBARS The handlebars are height adjustable and can be adjusted to compliment a parent's height so strolling is comfortable. handlebar STORAGE The heart of a stroller is really it’s storage, after all what good is a stroller if it can’t carry all your necessities? storage ACCESSORIES A rain cover is included with the stroller and there are plenty of accessories you can purchase separately. Some of the accessories include but are not limited to Mima Zigi Footmuffs, Mima Zigi Changing Bags, Mima Zigi/Xari Sport Carrycot ETC. access PRICE Mima Ziga starts at $599.99 and is a great investment. This stroller is gorgeous and has so many features.

Check out our demo & review video of the Mima Ziga down bellow ⇓

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