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Mix It Up!

Mix It Up!

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Mixie 4 oz I like a smart product, and the Mixie bottle most certainly qualifies! I’ve spent some days on the road (or in the air…) traveling. Bottle feeding can be a very big hassle. Sometimes I am comfortable nursing wherever I happen to be at the moment. But I can’t either prepare a formula bottle beforehand, because it will likely spoil. So, it was always taking out a bottle of water, scooping out the formula and putting it in the bottle, and trying to get the cover on without it spilling all over myself. All that activity while on a bumpy road, with no arm room on an airplane, or even on a train… That spells out a session with the washing machine as soon as I have access to one. Not anymore! You gotta check this out. It’s the first of its kind and should win the “baby product of the year” award. Mixie has created the first baby bottle that allows you to prepare a formula bottle hours before you want to use it without it spoiling. There is a special compartment to put the measured formula powder in that is completely separate from the water chamber. That is until I twist it open, without opening the bottle, and then… shake, shake, shake to my heart’s content. It comes in 2 sizes, both 4 oz. and 8 oz. and is completely BPA, Phtalate and PVC-free. Let me know what you think of this and if you’d use it. Sarah

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