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Simple Mother’s Day Ideas For New Moms: Show Her How Much She’s Loved

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The best mother’s day gifts aren’t the expensive ones – they’re the ones where she can see the time, effort and thought that’s gone into making them special. A great way to show the new mom in your life that she’s loved is a DIY mother’s day gift. 

Whether it’s giving her the opportunity to spend some time on her own, a one-of-a-kind homemade present or something tasty whipped up with your toddler, you don’t need to spend lots of money to make a grand gesture – and some beautiful memories. 

Here are our favorite mother’s day activities for kids.



Bake Her A Very Special Cake

All toddlers love to bake and it’s even more exciting when it’s for mom. Thrills go through the roof when you tell them it’s a giant cookie cake – after all, bigger is better, especially for mom’s first mother’s day. 

Go large with a huge warm, gooey cookie cake – easy and fun for little ones to make as well as a big crowd pleaser. 

Your child will love mixing chocolate chips and sprinkles into the dough. When it comes to decorating, they’ll have a ball piping on the frosting, plus adding more sprinkles. We love this Delish giant cookie cake recipe.


Give Her A Gorgeous Bath Gift Set

When it comes to mother’s day ideas for kids, sometimes less is more. For a new mom, some alone time in the bath will be a welcome gift. Get your toddler involved in stocking up a basket of goodies to help mom to decompress. This could include an inexpensive bath bomb or some Epsom salts mixed with lavender flowers. 

Now it’s time to head off to the park or watch a movie while mom relaxes for at least an hour!   



Make Photo Fridge Magnets With Her Favorite Faces

Mom will have countless photos of her baby on her smartphone, but how many of them ever actually get framed and put up on the wall at home? 

We love the idea of these photo magnets, which will take pride of place on the fridge. All you need are some color printouts of your child’s face (and any other family members), construction paper and pens, magnetic sheet, scissors and glue.

Glue the picture of your little one’s face onto the magnetic sheet and cut out. Leave to dry.

Meanwhile, on the construction paper, ask your child to draw and color in some accessories for their face, such as hats, necklaces or phones. Glue these to the magnetic sheet, cut out and allow to dry.

Present to mom on mother’s day – then your little one can have fun playing with her new fridge magnets! 


Grow Her Something Green

Sustainable mother’s day ideas for new moms are the way forward. Plants, after all, are the gift that keeps on giving – although these gifts will need a little planning in advance. 

Gift mom flowers or, if she likes cooking, herbs grown from scratch. Your toddler will love learning how to sow some simple plants from seed, then watching them grow and bloom in time for mother’s day. If you’re not a gardener, simply pick up some ready-grown plants or flowers from the garden center. 

Pot your plant or flowers in a pretty and inexpensive terracotta pot. Decorate the pot with your little one’s handprints – use acrylic paints – or get them to have a go at painting the pot by themselves.

A plant, grown with love, in a pot hand decorated by her baby – this has to be one of the most delightful mother’s day gifts.


child holds plant


Make Her Some Cupcake Flowers

It’s traditional to give mom flowers on mother’s day, but this is a bouquet she can treasure forever. 

There are loads of mother’s day craft ideas for kids out there, but this one is really easy and effective. You’ll need some cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, scissors and a pen. If you can find colorful cupcake liners, great – if not, get your toddler to decorate plain white ones with pens. 

Next, make a hole on the bottom of each case with the pen, and thread a pipe cleaner through to create a ‘stem’. Turn down the end to secure the flower. Once your little one’s made a few blooms, use another pipe cleaner to secure the stems to make the bouquet.

Give it to mom on mother’s day with a big kiss.


Don’t Forget The Card

Don’t overlook the card – moms always love getting homemade cards from their kids, even if they’re still babies. They’re so much better than store-bought alternatives, are easy to make, and will make her day. 

Turn card making into a super-fun activity with your baby or toddler. Get the paints out and have fun creating art with handprints or footprints on card, which can then be turned into a beautiful keepsake for her to cherish.  

Don’t forget to write a heartfelt message inside!


There you have it: five unique and memorable activities to enjoy with your toddler that double as thoughtful and sweet mother’s day gifts for her. Run out of time? Give her a PishPosh Baby gift card and let her choose exactly what she wants.

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