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Mountain Buggy Protect & Phil&Teds Alpha Car Seats!

Mountain Buggy Protect & Phil&Teds Alpha Car Seats!

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protect1Some products deserve their own post, and that includes the new Mountain Buggy Protect & the Phil&Teds Alpha infant seats. NOTE: Both the Alpha and Mountain Buggy are identical What stands out on the Mountain Buggy Protect is its weight - only a bit over 8 lbs! This is the lightest high-end car seat currently on the market and it's a top pick. What makes the Protect car seat even more convenient is its ability to be installed directly onto a seat of your car with the regular big-boy seat belt. With high side protection and thick EPS foam, the Protect nestles baby safely in their car seat. A removable cushion liner, with adjustable energy absorbing head and hip foam inserts, delivers ultimate newborn protection. For additional newborn support, there's an infant insert included. An ergonomically shaped handle is designed for comfort in hand or resting on your elbow, making the Protect easy to carry and evenly balanced. Both the Alpha and Porotect were designed with both you and baby in mind without compromising on any safety or design standards.

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