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Mutsy EVO vs IGO

Mutsy EVO vs IGO

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Mutsy Evo Mutsy Evo
The All-New Mutsy Igo stroller will be here this February and we've been getting dozens of inquiries on how the Mutsy Igo compares to the Mutsy Evo - an already popular stroller. The differences are not so clear-cut. The Igo is 3 lbs heavier, weighing in at 29 lbs with the seat, and two inches taller at 43 in. The Evo is an inch or so wider (24 in) and 3.5 inches longer (35"). It seems to me that the basket on the Evo is a bit larger as well.
Mutsy Igo Mutsy Igo
As for the carrycot - the Igo's carrycot weighs 7.5 lbs, while the Evo's weighs 10.3 lbs. The Igo's has a built-in mosquito net - how cool!The handlebar on the Igo is significantly better and telescopes upwards, while the Evo's handlebar kind of swivels up and down. You can purchase a set of air tires for the Mutsy Igo to replaced the regular lightweight foam wheels. There are two footbrake pedals on the Igo - although you only need to step on one of them to lock/unlock both wheels. The Evo has one center footbrake pedal which locks both wheels. The Evo reclines to 4 positions, the Igo reclines to 3. They both lay flat. The Mutsy Evo costs $399 while the Igo is $529. I don't really understand the $129 dollar difference, but I'm assuming it's because the fold on the Igo is updated and easier and the Igo just looks nicer. Check out the two demonstration videos below to see them both closer. If you have any more questions comparing the Mutsy Evo vs Igo, feel free to comment below and we'll try our best to help you out.

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