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Mutsy IGO is a Winner

Mutsy IGO is a Winner

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Mutsy IGO Stroller Mutsy IGO
The results are in! The Mutsy IGO stroller won the mobility Baby Innovation Award 2014 held in Amsterdam. The Mutsy IGO has a fantastic ergonomic and compact, lightweight design. The stroller was nominated by a "jury" of representatives of consumer magazines and PR firms. The IGO was one of the 18 products chosen. Then, there was another "jury" of expert moms that tested the products out. From the resulting reports the consumers had their chance to vote. So what did they moms all love so much about the IGO? Here are the main points.
  1. The recline design that is nearly flat when you put back the ergonomic seat
  2. The compact fold of the super-light stroller with the seat
  3. The lightweight carrycot only served to impress them more!
This win comes at no surprise. Just a few short months ago the Mutsy was one of the 3 finalists for the consumer goods Dutch Design Awards 2013. Mutsy was chosen from among 600 products that were judged by international experts. There's a lot of interest and noise being made about Mutsy. And there really is not wonder why.

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