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Natural Energy Boosters For Pregnancy

Natural Energy Boosters For Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is mindblowing. Your amazing body is going through the physically demanding process of growing a human being! From scratch! 

That’s even before we mention the hormones. Progesterone maintains early pregnancy but also has a sedation-like effect – it’s nature’s way of telling you to slow down and take it easy. Blood pressure, blood volume and blood sugar changes can also leave you feeling generally fatigued. On top of that, morning sickness can either purge nutrients from your body or reduce your appetite, making it difficult for you to regain your energy.

The bad news is that this tiredness can last all the way through to the third trimester. The good news is that we know how to get energy during pregnancy! PishPosh Baby has some great safe ideas to share with you so you can boost your pregnancy energy levels naturally.


Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #1: Get Moving 

Use exercise to nourish you. To find the motivation to get moving, even when you are feeling worn out or low, focus on achievable goals. Even 10 minutes of movement will energize you. Do some stretching, if you feel up to it. 

Something is always better than nothing. This is key: whether it’s a walk around the block or some gentle yoga or Pilates, find the exercise that works for you.


Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #2: Eat Regularly

The main reason pregnant people struggle with low energy could be because they’re not eating enough throughout the day. Make sure you have three regular meals as well as healthy snacks, such as a handful of nuts, slices of apple spread with nut butter or a banana. 


Don’t ignore carbohydrates, either. Wholegrain bread, brown rice or a jacket potato provide natural energy for pregnancy. These foods are powerhouses that will provide glucose, which is the body’s preferred energy source. 

Balance this energy by eating protein (lean red meat, chicken and fish) and healthy fats, such as avocado and olive oil. This helps stabilize your energy levels, giving you longer-lasting energy over the day.

Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #3: Check Your Iron Levels

If you’re pregnant, you’re more at risk of becoming deficient in iron. Anemia can cause tiredness, lack of energy and shortness of breath. It can be treated by changes to your diet. Make like Popeye and feast on dark-green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and chard, pulses, red meat and even iron-fortified cereals (but watch the sugar content).


Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #4: Be Wary Of Sugar Highs

Sugary foods DO keep you more awake. Fact. Plus, they are delicious. But after that amazing high comes the crash. The energy plummet that you experience after indulging is just. Not. Worth. It. It will leave you feeling even more tired than before. Focus instead on fiber-rich foods that keep you fuller for longer, regular meals and balanced snacks. 

If you just can’t resist, go ahead and eat that cake! Denying yourself will only make you crave it more. But consume it as part of your meal. This way, your sugar levels won’t spike so crazily and the energy low won’t be as brutal.

Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #5: Go Outside

If you’re feeling super-slow and your fingers are inching towards that doughnut, bar of chocolate or cup of coffee, try to drag yourself outside. Just 10 minutes of immersion in nature will boost your vitality and have the power to rejuvenate you for several hours. 

We mean it when we say immersion: engage with nature and ignore your cell.

natural energy boost for pregnancy - pregnant woman in field


Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #6: Drink More Water

Most women don’t drink the recommended amount of six to seven glasses of water a day, let alone pregnant women whose bodies are busy making amniotic fluid. Feeling tired is one of the first signs that you’re dehydrated, so bottoms up. 

Treat yourself to a new water bottle to encourage yourself to drink more and add lemon, lime and mint leaves to give your H20 some oomph. You can also hydrate with herbal teas and watered-down juices.

Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #7: Get More Vitamin D

If you’re pregnant during the winter months, you may not be exposed to sufficient sunlight, which provides vitamin D. This is super-important because it helps to absorb calcium and phosphate, supporting the development of your baby’s bones, teeth, kidneys, heart and nervous system. 

The first sign of vitamin D deficiency can be fatigue, so discuss with your doctor about taking a vitamin D tablet if you feel you may be deficient. Boost your vitamin D levels naturally by eating herring, mackerel, sardines and eggs. However, avoid having more than two portions of oily fish a week, because it can contain toxins.


Energy Boosters For Pregnancy #8: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Get as much shut-eye as possible. Early nights and naps are great options, if you’re able. As your bump grows, lying on your back, side and front can be tricky. Invest in a pregnancy pillow to support your tummy and/or your back and help you drift off in comfort. 

Magnesium can also help improve your sleep quality, particularly if you have restless leg syndrome. Increase your intake of magnesium-rich foods such as nuts, seeds, beans and leafy greens and/or supplement with magnesium at a safe level.

PishPosh Baby are here to help keep you feeling energized during pregnancy and beyond. Sign up to our emails for more pregnancy, birth and baby tips and follow us on social for new product launches and parenting hacks.

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