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NEW 2020 BabyZen YOYO2 Stroller - Full In-depth review on what's new!

NEW 2020 BabyZen YOYO2 Stroller - Full In-depth review on what's new!

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yoyo2YOYO Colors-440x550The BabyZen YOYO is the most popular travel stroller we've ever sold - and we're so excited to see that it's being revamped into the new BabyZen YOYO2 2020 Stroller! Built apon the sucesss of the original YOYO but with so many new upgrades you are going to love!

What's new for the Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller:

Firstly, they've re-engineered the YOYO2 frame to be much stronger and more stable. This gives you a really great push. They've also added independent suspension in all four wheels to give your little one the smoothest ride. They've redesigned the harness and buckle to be more user-friendly and softer to the touch The most noticeable upgrade on the YOYO2 is the new faux leather handlebar! We love that extra touch of class. Another difference is in the weight capacity: the new YOYO2 can now hold up to 40 lbs! Note that the weight capacity is higher overseas. The weight and size did not change (yay!) so the Babzen YOYO2 remains the best travel stroller that is designed for the on-the-go family.

The new YOYO2 is shipping this week so order yours today with fast, free shipping!

Curious how the new YOYO2 compares to the original YOYO+ stroller from 2019? Compare them here >

About the Babyzen YOYO2 0+ Complete stroller

yoyo2aFrom birth, install the 0+ newborn pack on the frame, which allows you to lay your baby completely flat, facing you, always within your sight. The 0+ newborn pack has been designed to give your baby maximum comfort, thanks to its soft, cozy nest pad, specially designed to accommodate newborns. With this version, YOYO² folds and unfolds with one hand, with your child in your arms.

yoyo26About the Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Complete stroller

At 6 months, your child is ready to discover the outside world, facing the road. Your YOYO² will then follow your child's physiological evolution. Simply swap the textiles in the 0+ newborn pack with the 6+ color pack.

A stroller designed to last

The YOYO² is extremely strong and light thanks to its high quality materials. With its aluminum alloy, stainless steel and fibre-glass reinforced technical plastics, your stroller will last for several generations. High-end product, your YOYO² stroller is primarily screw-assembled, easily dismountable, repairable or recyclable. A stroller designed to last, to keep, to give, to resell or to recycle... And in order not to make our old versions of YOYO obsolete, all the BABYZEN products and accessories that fit YOYO+ also fit YOYO²!

Check out our in-depth review ⇓

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