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New 4moms Breeze Classic & Breeze Plus for 2018!

New 4moms Breeze Classic & Breeze Plus for 2018!

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The 4moms Breeze really is a breeze when it comes to setting up a portable crib. You're going to love the newly designed 4moms Breeze Classic and Breeze Plus models that give you everything you can ask for in the ultimate travel crib. 4moms will now offer three different levels of their Breeze - you have the Breeze GO, Breeze Classic & Breeze Plus options. All of them feature the one push open, one pull close mechanism. breezegoThe Breeze Go ($199) is for the minimalist. This includes the basic (and awesome) Breeze playard that is insanely easy to set up and take down. It includes the Travel Bag as well. breeze classicThe 2018 Breeze Classic ($249) includes all the basics. Included is the travel bag and bassinet so that you have a place for baby to sleep or play outside the nursery. breeze plusThe 2018 Breeze Plus ($299) truly gives you everything. The Breeze Plus gives you a convenient place to care for baby outside the nursery with the included changing table as well (includes the travel bag and bassinet too). There are new designs as well for sheets and a brand new diaper caddy that fits onto any model playard!

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