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New Austlen Entourage Baby Stroller - Full Review + PreOrder!

New Austlen Entourage Baby Stroller - Full Review + PreOrder!

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UPDATE: The Austlen Entourage stroller has won a JPMA Best In Show award at the ABC Kids Expo! Austlen, a brand-new Austin-based stroller company will be showing off their Entourage stroller, featuring the most versatility and storage capacity on the market, accommodating up to 150 pounds of combined weight. There are over 30 configuration options on the entourage, making it the most versatile convertible stroller - ever.


The Entourage brings innovation and ingenuity to the stroller category with numerous features available for the very first time. Its patented frame expands to three linear positions, providing ample space for large items, such as coolers, shade canopies and even luggage. 3A unique expandable market tote sits at arms reach between the handlebar and front seat for access to baby essentials, drinks, cell phones and even groceries. Seat has five recline positions and an adjustable calf support to accommodate children from birth to 50 lbs. The Entourage also allows for multi-child configurations and has a front seat that accommodates children beginning at birth. Available accessories will include a secondary seat, jump seat and standing platform, seat liners, and both rear and front car seat adapters! More accessories will be available later on, including snack trays and cup holders. The Entourage literally takes the weight off of parents’ shoulders by letting the stroller carry the large loads! The Austlen Entourage will be available in both Black Denim and Navy Denim and will retail for $849.99. This includes the basic frame, seat, belly bar, and expandable parent console/market basket. The second seat will cost you $169.99 and the jump seat + platform rider goes for $179.99. ETA: Late 2016 PREORDER YOUR AUSTLEN ENTOURAGE!

FAQS for the Austlen Entourage Stroller

Q: Can the main seat of the Austlen Entourage reverse? A: No. The main seat is in the fixed forward-facing position Q: Can the second seat of the Austlen Entourage turn to forward-face? A: It cannot. The second seat is in the fixed rear-facing position. Q:Can I put a newborn in the main seat of the Austlen Entourage? A: You can! There is a built-in cocoon that velcros on to create a bassinet-like seat. The main seat also reclines to a near-flat position, creating a newborn compatible seat. Q:Can I put a newborn in the second seat of the Austlen Entourage? A: You cannot. The seat does not recline deep enough, nor is there enough of a footrest to properly support a newborn. If you would like a solution for a newborn, aside from using the main seat, you can use a car seat adapter in the position closest to you. Q: Can I use the Austlen Entourage with two infant car seats? A: You can! You can use a car seat adapter in the front position as well as the back position to create a proper double stroller for two infants. Q: Can my Austlen Entourage fold with two seats attached? A: It can! And it folds pretty compact as well. Q: Will the standing board affect my stride? A: It won't! The amazing part of the Austlen Entourage Platform Rider is that it completely is out of the parent's way. The child also stands between the two handlebars with plenty of room for him/her. Q: Does the Austlen Entourage stand on its own when folded? A: It does! It is also super easy to wheel around. The stroller is a bit heavy so it's great that it's simple to move around. The fold is very compact and not awkward at all. Q: I will be traveling with my Austlen Entourage - will there be a travel bag? A: The Entourage Travel Bag will be released soon. In the meantime, the Stokke PramPack and Bugaboo Donkey Transport Bag will both work. img_0065 img_0067 img_0071 config-6 config-3 config-1 config-4 config-5 config-2
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