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NEW Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0 Light Stroller - Full Review, Demo & Pics!

NEW Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0 Light Stroller - Full Review, Demo & Pics!

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Baby-Monsters-Easy-Twin-Light-Black-CupcakeThe Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0 stroller has quickly become one of the most popular double strollers on the market. The stroller is super narrow and boasts many features you'd want in a perfect double stroller. There is a new model is here- meet the Baby Monsters 3.0 LIGHT stroller! This stroller is based on the success of the previous model with some serious upgrades.

What's new for the Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0s LIGHT?

The most obvious difference is the new weight. The new LIGHT model weighs 4 lbs less. The LIGHT model can now hold up to 50 lbs per seat, as opposed to just 38 lbs. There are great storage pockets on the back of each seat. The magnetic panel can lift as well so that you can check on your baby without waking him up. The new matte black frame adds a sleeker look too. The footbrake is now on the side of the rear axle bar so that you can easily add a stroller board to the stroller.


This amazing stroller has a 103 lbs weight capacity, each seat holds 50 lbs and the storage behind the seats can also hold a pound or two. It has a dimension of 36.2 " L x 25.5" W x 42.5" H and is easily maneuverable. NEW Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0 Light Stroller - Full Review, Demo ...


The Baby Monsters 3.0 LIGHT stroller has independent UPF 50+ extendable and retractable. There are storage pockets in the back of the canopies so parents can bring with them all their baby gears. ZY0gDwGc


There is a 5-point padded harness and an adjustable handlebar making the Baby Monsters 3.0 LIGHT stroller comfortable and safe! It is easy to maneuver and a very smooth ride with the possibility of 2 car seats. The back of the seat can be lifted up to allow air flow during those hot summer months. dbMMZtm4


The high quality rubber wheels are punctures-proof and are easy to remove. The wheels are 25.5" width and 36" length which make it pass through all the doors and elevators. iw0WCQqs

Newborn Compatible

The carrycot is easy to put in place and remove without any kind of extra accessories. There is no need to remove the fabrics to place the carrycots. 418lE1Iy1UL


The Easy Twin is available at Pish Posh Baby starting at $779! When you purchase the Baby Monster Easy Twin you will receive in the box besides the stroller but also a rain cover and bellybar.
NEW Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0 Light Stroller - Full Review, Demo ... shop now cursive

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