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NEW Baby Roues leTour II Fashions for 2014!

NEW Baby Roues leTour II Fashions for 2014!

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lizardcocoaThe BabyRoues leTour stroller has been a big hit in the US and was warmly received by hundreds of moms who are looking for a fully-featured stroller with an easy fold. Baby Roues was proud to introduce the first compact and lightweight luxurious infant-to-toddler Bassinet and Stroller System to the exciting Baby Gear World. What is new for the leTour II 2014? Well, they've replaced the silver frame with a frosted silver one. And there's a new black matte frame as well! In addition - the leTour logo will now be printed directly onto the chasis. And to top it all off - they've introduced these magnificent new fabrics including Crocodile patterns and colorful canvases. There are three levels of fabrics - Canvas, Classique, and Lux. We can't wait until they become available - we'll let you know when they do! Expected release date - February. Don't forget to preorder!

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