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NEW Babyhome Vida Plus Stroller - Full Review

NEW Babyhome Vida Plus Stroller - Full Review

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COj_XPTW8AA9Q8fI'ts been some time since Babyhome entered the US Market and blew our minds with their beautifully designed and oh so functional baby gear product. Babyhome is back this year with a bang, introducing a few new items and updates, and what stands out most from their new line is the new BabyHome Vida Stroller and Vida Plus. The BabyHome Vida is built apon the Emotion Stroller's unique design, but has been improved in many ways. The Vida sports larger wheels for better and easier maneuverability. The seat now reclines truly flat so it's now suitable for newborns and has been lengthened for a better ride. The Vida has an adjustable handlebar (yay!) and there is an optional nest available for babies. The new Vida Plus stroller is the most versatile full-size stroller, with the seat converting into a bassinet and back. The seat reverse and reclines to flat. The adjustable handlebar, large and easily accessible basket, and humongous canopy are all features that make the Vida Plus such a great choice. The Vida plus seat can hold children up to 33 lbs. What to do after your child outgrows it? The coolest part of the Vida stroller is that you can buy an extra seat which converts it into the Vida stroller which can hold up to 55 lbs. It's super easy to add the seat - it zippers right on. Vida is the only lightweight stroller on the market capable of serving as the first stroller for newborns and as a stroller for later use until 55 lbs. Usually parents buy a pram for the first newborn use and after some time, they decide to buy a lighweight stroller. Purchasing Vida stroller they won't need to purchase any other product: they will have a pram and a lightweight stroller on the same product. So VIDA stroller represents a real and valuable innovation. The BabyHome Vida is expected to ship next May. Colors are Red, Nectar, Purple, Black and Klein - this of course can change as the ETA comes closer. Our impression of the Vida is that it's really sleek-looking and you get a true all-in-one stroller. What can we say - we're likin'... :) Vida Price: $399 Vida Plus Price: $599 Order Now >

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