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NEW Beco Patterns - Scribble, Teepee, Twilight, & Arrow

NEW Beco Patterns - Scribble, Teepee, Twilight, & Arrow

Posted in beco arrow, beco midnight, beco scribble, beco teepee, beco twilight, Category_beco, Category_Hottest New Baby Gear for 2015!>Carriers for 2015
We've only just began selling Beco carriers this year, and we are floored by how many we sell every single day! The Beco carriers are beloved by all - both the Gemini and Soleil editions. Four new prints for a new year - Twilight, Arrow, Teepee, and Scribble! All patterns are neutral, but far far from boring! Check out the photo's below and sign up to be notified when they are ready to be ordered! teepee scribble arrowtwilight
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