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NEW! Britax Convertible ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar

NEW! Britax Convertible ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar

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reboundChildren are 5x's safer when they ride rear-facing and the law mandates children under 2 should ride that way. However, the danger still exists that in case of a crash, the car seat can be pushed towards the seatback and your child can become trapped between his convertible seat and the actual seat. An anti-rebound bar prevents that from happening, providing even more stability for your child's convertible seat. Acting as a barrier in case of a short stop or crash, the anti-rebound bar is a really great bonus that more and more parents are looking to add to their infant and convertible seats. Britax will be introducing a complete Britax Boulevard ARB and Marathon ARB this Fall that will be available at PishPosh Baby - but for existing owners of the Britax Convertible Clicktights, you can purchase the separate Britax Convertible ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar that will be available in July. Retails at just $32, this additional accessory will give you peace of mind when out and about with your little ones. You can watch the video of how to install the anti-rebound bar below. (Note that this is the Canadian version - the version coming to the USA will be modified slightly to meet USA standards)

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