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NEW Bugaboo Ant 2020 Stroller Accessories! - Full review on what's new!

NEW Bugaboo Ant 2020 Stroller Accessories! - Full review on what's new!

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Bugaboo Ant Complete Strollers w Black BaseWhy we love the Bugaboo Ant for 2020:

Great things really do come in small packages. Introducing the new 2020 Bugaboo Ant —our lightest, most compact stroller yet with a completely new design language. Whether you’re embarking on your next big adventure or on the go closer to home, we’ve thought about all the ways your family needs to move and designed a travel stroller that keeps you rolling and lets you see the world your way. The surprisingly portable package unfolds into a comfortable ride complete with all-wheel suspension, while the one-handed steering lets you glide through every twist and turn along the way. It’s packed full of features that keep your child happy and relaxed on the road, and it’s engineered to make your trip run that little bit more smoothly —so you can enjoy what’s really important. The new accessories for 2020 are putting the Bugaboo Ant into a category of it's own, it's so small and convenient!


The Bugaboo Ant has become a top seller for people looking for the ultimate travel stroller! The new Bugaboo Ant 2020 Stroller accessories has gotten some amazing upgrades you are going to love!

Bugaboo Ant Carry Handle

Firstly, they've added a new Bugaboo Ant Carry Handle accessory that allows you to carry the Ant stroller on your shoulder when folded. The handle allows the Ant to go from stroller to trolley, and from trolley to tote mode, wherever you go making traveling easier than ever! The Bugaboo Ant Carry Handle retails for $16.95. Bugaboo Ant Carry Strap shop now

Bugaboo Ant Footrest accessory

They've also added on a Bugaboo Ant Footrest accessory so that your child can have a comfortable place to rest their feet. The leg rest really adds to the comfort of the Ant. The Bugaboo Ant leg rest retails for $39.95. Bugaboo Ant Leg Rest shop now


We're loving the upgrades and can't wait for the new 2020 Bugaboo Ant travel stroller to be in stock! Some of our favorite previous accessories are still available like the Bugaboo Ant Organizer which helps organize all your belonging, the footmuff and rain cover to keep your little one warm in bad weather. One our favorites is the transport bag and cup holder which takes convenience to the next level! We can't forget about the comfort wheel, the cocoon and the car seat adapters which are a must have! We are loving the Bugaboo ant and it's many accessories! Bugaboo Ant Footmuff BlackBugaboo Ant Organizer BlackBugaboo Ant Raincover BlackBugaboo Ant Transport BagBugaboo Ant Car Seat AdapterBugaboo Bee/Ant Baby Light CocoonBugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board 2019/2020

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