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NEW Bugaboo Canopies in Grey Melange for Cameleon3, Buffalo, & Donkey Strollers!

NEW Bugaboo Canopies in Grey Melange for Cameleon3, Buffalo, & Donkey Strollers!

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Bugaboo-Cameleon3-Extendable-Tailored-Fabric-Set-Grey-Melange Bugaboo Cameleon3 Grey Melange
The Bugaboo Bee3 brought along with it the beautiful Grey Melange canopies. Bugaboo has introduced canopies in this beautiful Grey Melange for all their strollers! The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Grey Melange Tailored Fabric set includes the canopy and bassinet apron - retails for 119.95.
Bugaboo-Donkey-Extendable-Sun-Canopy-Grey-Melange Bugaboo Donkey Grey Melange
For the Donkey stroller, you can either purchase the Donkey Grey Melange Fabric Set (119.95) or just a Donkey Grey Melange canopy ( 79.95). The Bugaboo Buffalo Grey Melange Fabric Set will be available as well - includes the canopy and bassinet apron. It retails for (119.95).
Bugaboo Buffalo Grey Melange Bugaboo Buffalo Grey Melange
Along with these new canopies, comes the Bugaboo Soft Wool Melange Blankets - available in Grey Melange, Petrol Blue Melange and Off White Melange (109.95). The new fabrics and blankets are expected to ship in March 2016.

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