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Bugaboo Performance Winter Vs Universal Footmuff: What's the Difference?

Bugaboo Performance Winter Vs Universal Footmuff: What's the Difference?

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Bugaboo strollers are great - they’re sturdy and dependable, and many families who have a Bugaboo stroller use them a lot. If you use your bugaboo stroller straight through the seasons, there’s something you need now that winter’s coming up: a Bugaboo footmuff. There are two options for Bugaboo footmuffs; the Bugaboo Performance Winter footmuff and the Bugaboo Universal footmuff. The Universal footmuff is the more economical option, but the Winter footmuff is the warmest.These footmuffs can be used with the Bugaboo Butterfly, Donkey, Dragonfly, Bugaboo Fox5 and Lynx. 

The footmuff is water repellent so that your baby is safe from any surprise showers or winter flurries. And an added benefit of the weatherproof material is that it helps it last through years of use, and countless washings.  

Yes, these footmuffs are fabulously practical, from the adjustable hood down to the reflective accents for safety.

The Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff keeps baby warm even when the weather outside is really cold. It has an added removable layer, which is amazing for when it’s really frigid outside, and can be removed when the weather is cold but not chillingly cold. The interior of the footmuff is a black color.  


The performance winter footmuff is awesomely comfortable and so, so warm, filled with responsibly sourced down filling and lined with soft, breathable fleece. The down layer (just available with the performance footmuff) is easy to remove for warmer weather, and waterproof two-way zippers make transfers easy and allow for quick adjusting during weather changes. The designers thought about it all, down to the very last detail. 


The main difference between the two footmuffs is the extra down layer in the Bugaboo Performance Winter footmuff, for added warmth. The layer is removable, so you can keep it in when it's really cold out but when the weather isn't as freezing, you can take off the added layer so baby will be kept comfortably warm but not too hot! The Performance Winter footmuff is the same color inside and out, for a sharp appearance. Our most popular footmuff is the black Bugaboo Performance footmuff, which is ultra warm and has that streamlined look with black inside and out. 

The Universal footmuff is the more basic option, warm and cozy but the inside for all colors are grey. The Bugaboo Universal footmuff costs $149.95, while the Bugaboo Performance Winter footmuff is priced at $219.95. 

A Bugaboo footmuff is perfect for those cold days! Keep your baby comfy. The weather may be unpredictable, but one thing is for sure: with a bugaboo footmuff, your baby will be cozy and warm. Both Bugaboo footmuffs are available in a selection of colors to match the season’s palette and their latest strollers. Whether you use it with the Bugaboo Fox, Lynx, Donkey, Dragonfly or Butterfly, the footmuff will keep baby covered and coddled in the cold. Choose your favorite!

Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff

Bugaboo Universal Footmuff

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Bugaboo Butterfly, Fox, Donkey & Lynx

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