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NEW Clek White Linen line: Marshmallow|Snow

NEW Clek White Linen line: Marshmallow|Snow

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The New Clek White Linen collection is an absolutely gorgeous fabric collection and so convenient. It defies the unspoken law of no white fabric for baby gear. For years parents have shied away from white fabric when it comes to their baby gear, too afraid the light color will show all the sticky fingerprints of their little one. With the new Clek White Linen Linen line, our aversion to white fabric is a thing of the past! The New White Linen Line has C Zero+ performance fabrics so white fabric stays clean no matter how many sticky hands touch them.

What are C Zero+ performance fabrics and how does it keep my white fabrics clean?

C Zero+ performance fabrics have a moisture barrier that offers an
impermeability to liquids and spills, anti-microbial technology. It's easy to keep dry and has a new fluorine-free solution for stain resistance so your pretty white car seat stays looking as new as the day you bought it! So parents can enjoy a car seat that is stain resistant and free of moisture and odor-causing bacteria. Parents will absolutely love the GREENGUARD Gold certification in this line which means it's free of chlorinated and brominated flame retardants.

Difference between Snow & Marshmallow Fabric

While the two fabric colors are the same the Snow and Marshmello fabrics have different shells. The Snow fabric has a white shell and white poly/linen fabrics while the Marshmallow has a black shell and white Poly/Linen fabrics.

What Car Seats will be available in the White Linen Blend Collection?

The Clek Liing, Foonf, Fllo, Oobr, and Olli will all be available in the Marshmallow. The Foonf & Oobr are also available in the Snow.

Is it just the fabrics that have changed?

YES! The Clek Liing, Foonf, Fllo, Oobr, and Olli features are still the same beloved features we all know and love just with some cleaner fabric options!


The Clek Liing is the Marshmellow collection retails starting at $419.99, the Foonf in Marshmallow and Snow retails for $419.99. The Clek Fllo in Marshmallow retails for $409.99 while the Olli retails for $109.99. Finally the Clek Oobr in Marshmallow and Snow retail for $319.99.

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