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Cybex EOS Stroller | In-Depth Analysis and Review

Cybex EOS Stroller | In-Depth Analysis and Review

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New from Cybex - check out the EOS stroller! This stroller is super simple to work with, and affordable too. It comes with a bassinet that can be transformed into a standard stroller seat! We love this because first of all, it saves on space, and also, it’s so convenient!

No tools or accessories are needed to transform the bassinet into a stroller seat. And yes, you can attach a Cybex infant car seat with the included adapters if you want to use it with a car seat for your newborn.


Top Features Offered By Cybex

1. Enhanced Compatibility

For parents seeking versatility, the Cybex EOS stroller offers compatibility with Cybex infant car seats using the included adapters. This feature provides added convenience for newborns, allowing seamless transitions between stroller and car seat without compromising safety or comfort.

2. Uncompromised Safety and Durability

Equipped with advanced safety features, the Cybex EOS stroller prioritizes your child's well-being. Its rugged all-terrain wheels and front wheel suspension ensure a smooth ride on various surfaces, while the sturdy construction provides peace of mind for parents. Additionally, the included shopping basket offers ample storage, holding up to 11 pounds of essentials for both you and your baby.

3. Innovative Features for Ultimate Comfort

Experience unparalleled comfort with the Cybex EOS stroller's innovative features. Adjustable handlebars cater to users of all heights, while the bumper bar adds an extra layer of security. The reversible seat allows for flexible positioning, enabling your baby to face you or explore the world around them effortlessly. With easy recline options, you can adjust the seat to suit your child's preferences, ensuring a comfortable ride every time.


Experience Convenience and Safety with the Cybex EOS Stroller

This stroller comes with advanced safety features plus rugged all-terrain wheels, front wheel suspension, and a shopping basket that can hold 11 pounds of whatever you and baby need nearby. And there are so many other features! There’s an adjustable handlebar, a bumper bar that comes with the stroller, and the seat reclines easily. It’s a reversible seat, so you can have baby facing you or turn baby so he can take in the world. And it's affordable too!

This stroller weighs 22.7 pounds. The bassinet is not approved for overnight sleep. 

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