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NEW Cybex Priam3 & Mios3 Strollers - Rose Gold Frames!

NEW Cybex Priam3 & Mios3 Strollers - Rose Gold Frames!

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priam rose goldCybex has updated their strollers for 2019 - meet the new Cybex Priam3 and Mios3 strollers! The Priam3 and Mios3 strollers will be available in a choice of Rose Gold (gasp!), Chrome, and Black. The wheels have been redesigned as well to be lighterweight and more durable. All frames feature leatherette details for an incredibly gorgeous look. The Cybex Priam3 and Mios3 in Rose Gold is seriously taking our breath away... The new Rose Gold frame features leather details on the belly bar, handlebar, and wrist strap. There are Rose Gold details everywhere, including the buckle, and a nice new seat with extendable canopy. The seat colors for the Mios3 and Priam3 are Autumn Gold, Black, Manhattan Grey, Midnight Blue, Pink. Carrycots for both strollers will be available in only black. It's just simply beautiful:)

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