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NEW Doona Vacation Limited Edition Infant Car Seat - Full Review!

NEW Doona Vacation Limited Edition Infant Car Seat - Full Review!

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vacationThe Doona car seat is by far the most revolutionary car seat we've ever seen. You'll spot them just about everywhere you go and parents whose daily lives involve getting in and out of their cars simply swear by it. Doona has released a brand new limited edition Doona car seat called Vacation! With its navy striped canvas canopy Doona’s Vacation edition captures the spirit of a Mediterranean holiday. The iconic design turns our car seat and stroller into a stylish yet classic statement piece that looks good all year round and makes life on-the-go easy whether you are on vacation or not.

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Special features on the limited edition Doona Vacation model:

  • Classic blue striped canvas canopy
  • Brown faux leather handle bar cover
  • Matching shoulder pads
  • Navy seat cover
  • Matching Limited Edition Doona Essentials Bag included
  • Doona UPF 50+ Sun Shade Extension included
  • Doona Latch Base included
  • Doona Bamboo Infant Insert included
  • Doona Bamboo Head Support included
  • Limited Edition packaging

Why we love the Doona+ car seat:

The Doona is quite tempting to parents who are forever in/out of their car and especially tempting to parents who fly on airplanes a lot. The Doona is narrow enough to drive down the aisle of the airplane (I know - you thought they were definitely too wide, right? :) and if you've paid for a seat for your infant, you can just flip up the wheels and place the infant seat down. The attachable changing bag and the smaller parent console bag are great accessories any parent would appreciate. The hood is a good size and is thick fabric. There is a wedge included to make the seat flatter short term for a newborn, but this is not a lie flat seat. Includes the Doona Vehicle Seat Protector for when you don't want to use the included LATCH base. Nowadays, most parents are choosing strollers that can adapt to hold their car seats, and the Doona rollable car seat is the best solution.

Features on all Doona car seats:

The only car seat with integrated wheels Easy instant fold Compact storage One touch brake Chassis suspension for a smoother ride Swivel wheels Orthopedic designed inner cushion