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NEW from Mountain Buggy - Bag Rider, UniRider, & Cosmopolitan GEO

NEW from Mountain Buggy - Bag Rider, UniRider, & Cosmopolitan GEO

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Mountain-Buggy-Bag-RiderMountain Buggy made quite a scene last week when they debuted their new products for 2016. We're excited to share them with you. The most innovative addition to the Mountain Buggy line is their new Bag Rider! Mountain Buggy's upcoming Bag Rider retails for $99 and is an actual suitcase with built-in straps and kickstand to pull tots through the airport. Expect to see it in early 2016. Mountain-Buggy-UniriderDon't just think of Mountain Buggy as a rugged stroller company. The company is entering the transportation arena with items like the Unirider , also retailing for $99, a balance bike ride-on that teaches tots how to balance while parents push them along. It will arrive in early 2016. Mountain-Buggy-Urban-Jungle-Cosmopolitan-GeoThe Cosmopolitan Luxury Geo stroller in black and grey, with leather detailing. It looks absolutely beautiful - we'll keep you updated on it. There's a new version of their Freerider scooter that attaches to all strollers for an older toddler to ride along. Photos via PopSugar

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