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NEW HeeTee Mayfair Baby Stroller - Coming to the USA!

NEW HeeTee Mayfair Baby Stroller - Coming to the USA!

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The most revolutionary stroller has hit the market - meet the new HeeTee Mayfair stroller! This stroller is so 21st century - your mind will be blown.

mairfairThe HeeTee Mayfair is the most advanced and innovative stroller on the market now. HeeTee has developed a stroller that generates energy when you push it! Green and safe energy, a sustainable design and technology that help you reduce your carbon footprint and give your child a head start in reducing theirs, too.

heated seatsWhat generates when you push your HeeTee Mayfair stroller?
  • The seats heat up to provide your baby the same warmth that you give him (awww!)
  • There is a bottle warmer at the base of the stroller so that you can warm up his bottle anywhere you are
  • There is a tablet dock so that you can amuse your baby with a game or cartoons.
  • And finally - the super convenient USB port is there so that you can charge your phone on the go.
tablet dockAnd this isn't all! The HeeTee does not compromise one bit on safety and functionality even with all this technology. The really modern chassis is very well designed with a leveled center of gravity, making it the sturdiest stroller on the market by far. The Our intricate suspension system withstands the impact of road conditions, resulting in a smoother ride and easier steering. The seat is easily reversible (even with your child in it!) and reclines to four different positions. The design of the lower chassis is in a way that only requires one hand to maneuvor effortlessly in any situation and you only need one hand to fold it and place it upright when folded, for easy storage.

You have the option to turn off the generating system by lifting up a lever. The automatic brake acts over the two rear wheels instantly at the push of the brake button in case you need to suddenly stop the stroller.

bottle warmerAll these advances to give greater comfort for the baby and for you parents to get more autonomy back in your life, and we achieve that in a sustainable way. You care about the environment because it is you generating the energy, just push it and start generating green and safe energy to enjoy the technological advances accomplished by these team of engineers. We are sure that you will enjoy this new HeeTee stroller as much as we have enjoyed seeing it as well. We're hoping that it arrives to the USA soon! one-hand fold auto brake suspension high tec design
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