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New & Improved Phil&Teds Vibe & Verve 2014 coming soon!

New & Improved Phil&Teds Vibe & Verve 2014 coming soon!

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vibeverveWe are so excited to welcome back Phil&Teds to PishPoshBaby! Their products are the perfect combo of functionality, safety, and design. They just informed us that they will be reintroducing their famous Verve and Vibe strollers with some fabulous new updates. First of all - the main difference between the two strollers are the wheels. The Vibe is a three wheel stroller, while the Verve boasts four wheels. That makes the Verve more of an all-around stroller and the Vibe more of a jogging stroller. What great features stay the same? Well, the Phil&Teds remains the most compact double inline stroller on the market - even folded! (They've even made it 9% more compact than it was!) The one-hand touch brake makes strolling safe, and the sleek aluminum styling won't be changing. What will be new for the Vibe 2014 and Verve 2014? pt_config Tons! First of all, parents now have the option of using the doubles kit in the main seat position - parent-facing! This is a feature that every parent (especially a new one) appreciates. There are 23 new configurations- see photo for options. A new configuration? You can now use 2 infant car seats on the Vibe and Verve at the same time! This is great for parents of twins. The toddler seat length has been increased and now measures an astounding 25 inches. To put this in perspective - the Bugaboo Cameleon3's seat measures 21 and the Baby Jogger City Select's measures 19. This means that you can use the Phil&Teds cocoon quite comfortably on the seat when it is lying flat. The Verve can now stand when folded as well. Both strollers now weigh a pound lighter, weighing in at 27.5 lbs lighter And - guess what! They've designed a brand new carrycot that it considerably dewper than the Phil&Teds Peanut which makes it comfier and more spacious. They fabrics have been upgraded to a more plush material. The Phil&Teds Vibe 2014 and Verve 2014 will come in Cherry, Cobalt, and Black. Both retail for $599.99.

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