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NEW Inglesina Aptica 2019 Stroller - Full Review!

NEW Inglesina Aptica 2019 Stroller - Full Review!

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unnamedIt's been quite a few years since Inglesina launched their popular Zippy Light stroller and we're totally excited to announce their release of the new 2019 Inglesina Aptica stroller! The Aptica is an Italian made, luxury full size stroller that is the most comfortable for your baby.

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The Aptica stroller is agile and ultra compact (only 19.70" wide), so you can push it easily through the narrowest of elevators. It's full dimensions are 19.70” x 44.10” x 33.07”-39” and weigh 27 lbs. The Aptica has a weight capacity of 55 lbs.


The Aptica opens and closes with the seat attached, facing either the parent or street with just one hand. When closed, the stroller stays standing without the handle touching the ground, so your hands will stay clean. IT OPENS AND CLOSES WITH JUST ONE HAND


The spacious stroller seat is very comfortable thanks to wide design and ventilation system. A high backrest ensures that your baby's head is well supported. The seats are recline able and reversible for optimum comfort. The UPF 50 + canopy is extendable and has a peekaboo window.


Its huge basket features a reinforced base and it is equipped with an extra zip-fastening storage compartment. Reflective material makes your strolls safer. 1000_APTICA-STROLLER-DET-05


The frame features a leatherette solid handle and large shock-absorbent wheels designed to tackle city cobblestones and uneven terrain while ensuring total comfort for your baby.The Aptica handle is height-adjustable in 4 positions, to make it easy to push it for both tall and short parents alike.


Along with the new Aptica, there will be a bassinet + bassinet stand bundle (retail for $349) that includes both items. This big bassinet (internal dimensions 14.57” wide, 8.66” high, 31.10” deep) is the place where your baby will spend many hours of their first delicate months of life. That is why Inglesina has designed the perfect environment, welcoming them with all the much-needed comfort and safety.
unnamed (2)Newborns do not yet have the ability to make the best use of the thermoregulation centers of their central nervous system; their skin is thin and easily attacked by UV rays, cold and polluting agents. The bassinet base is equipped with a ventilation control system, to regulate the flow of air and temperature inside the bassinet. The mesh insert on the hood allows air to flow inside to keep the environment cool and well ventilated. The mesh insert at the front of the bassinet allows air to flow inside to keep the environment cool and well ventilated. The hood features an anti-UV (UPF50) treated fabric with sun visor for shielding against direct sunlight even when the sun is low on the horizon. Its cover is made of double panels, to protect the baby from the wind and cold. A “quick-access” apron is there to place your newborn easily into the bassinet without having to detach the apron first. The bassinet mattress is made of medium density foam with 40 holes for ventilation, spread uniformly. The part in contact with your baby is covered with bamboo fiber, which is highly breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. A 3D mesh is applied to the base to improve air circulation and prevent the build-up of humidity. The bassinet mattress is covered with bamboo fiber, which is highly breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, perfect for your baby's delicate skin. Thanks to the Aptica bassinet stand, the bassinet can be positioned comfortably and hygienically inside your house (even while traveling), turning it into an actual bed for the night to be placed next to yours. If your baby falls asleep, avoid waking them up when coming back from your stroll. This is good for the baby and for you, too. COMPATIBLE WITH THE APTICA BASSINET + STAND



It is car seat compatible with the following ca seats: Maxi-Cosi® (Mico 30, Mico Max, Mico Max Plus) Cybex® (Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, Cloud Q, Platinum Cloud Q Plus, Platinum Cloud Q Sensorsafe) Nuna® (Pipa, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite LX) Clek® (Liing)


The Inglesina Aptica will retail for $599 and is an amazing newborn stroller! Aptica Stroller shop now
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