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New Kidsmill UP! High Chair coming to the USA

New Kidsmill UP! High Chair coming to the USA

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up_home_bannerWe saw this new highchair last year at the Kind+Jugend show and we're really excited that it will be arriving in the USA this year (hopefully!) The new Kidsmill UP! High Chair is designed to last from newborn until adulthood. The designers of the Kidsmill Up! wanted to produce an attractive, practical highchair that would be a pleasure to use for many years. And they succeeded! The strong Kidsmill Up! is made of solid beech and can withstand a knock or two. In a child-friendly house, a high chair must not take up more space than necessary. That’s why the Kidsmill Up! is very compact and the legs don’t stick out. Your child is supported properly by a strong backrest, a footrest and matching safety bar. up_newborn_cushion_set_soft_green_4The Kidsmill Up! is available in a range of modern colors. Even the tray is available in a matching color. You can therefore create a high chair that meets your wishes and matches your decor at home. And your child? He or she will certainly enjoy eating and playing in this high chair! You can make the high chair even more comfortable by using the optional comfort cushion. To use your highchair from the first moments, you can purchase the Newborn frame and add the seat fabric to create a bouncer seat, or purchase the rocker base and turn it into a real rocker! This is the most multi-functional high chair we've ever seen. We'll keep you updated on ETA's and pricing as soon as we know more! up_black_junior_ii up_black_junior_ up_black_baby_ii up_black_baby_

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