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NEW Mima Zigi 2019 Strollers - Champagne + Denim!

NEW Mima Zigi 2019 Strollers - Champagne + Denim!

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The Mima Zigi is a real favorite around here. One of the only gorgeous yet compact stroller, you'll find every feature you can ask for in a lightweight stroller in the Mima Zigi. Underneath its sleek, modern and very Mima-esque looks, Zigi hides some sophisticated engineering. It’s sturdy, but still lightweight –18.5 lbs- and is incredibly easy to handle. Elegant looks combined with a simple, compact fold achievable with just one hand make Zigi the most desirable travel companion for families on the go. For 2019, Mima is introducing two new fashions - Denim and Champagne (drooling over this one!). Both these looks are beautiful, but very different. The Zigi 2019 Champagne stroller subtle golden tones transform zigi into a stroller fit for a little Prince or Princess. Screen-Shot-2019-01-03-at-2.04.39-PM The 2019 Zigi Denim is effortlessly and eternally stylish and on trend. Screen-Shot-2019-01-03-at-2.04.50-PM

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