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NEW Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection for 2015!

NEW Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection for 2015!

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var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-pepita_urban-jungle-295537-2-eng-RW-pepita_urban-jungle_product_largeWe went absolutely CRAZY over the new Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection! Available in Nautical and Pepita, the urban jungle luxury collection offers refined styling and luxury aesthetic, including leather detailing, reversible print fabrics in premium canvas and a matching parenting bag with stroller clips. Aside from the new patterns, there are some great new updates for the Urban Jungle 2015:
  • NEW one hand fast fold with hidden automatic frame lock
  • NEW smaller fold - 5.9" shaved off the current urban jungle stand fold
  • NEW lighter weight of 23.5lbs
  • NEW handbrake, with green 'go' and red 'stop' locators
  • NEW gear tray with 22lbs capacity and storage pockets
  • NEW matching parenting bag with bag clips for attachment to buggy
  • NEW improved suspension
  • NEW retractable leg support
  • NEW simplified front wheel swivel lock
Urban Jungle Nautica var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-nautical_peekaboo-flap-295603-2-eng-RW-nautical_peekaboo-flap_product_large
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-nautical_hand-brake-295615-2-eng-RW-nautical_hand-brake_product_large var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-nautical_safety-buckle-295627-2-eng-RW-nautical_safety-buckle_product_large
Aside from the actual updates to the stroller, there are two new accessories available - the Carrycot Plus and Food Tray. The Carrycot Plus is a brilliant new accessory that converts from a carrycot to a rear-facing seat. var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-pepita_3-4_pfs-295525-2-eng-RW-pepita_3-4_PFS_product_large var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-pepita_carrycotplus-295531-2-eng-RW-pepita_carrycotplus_product_large

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