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NEW Munchkin Float High Chair - Full Review!

NEW Munchkin Float High Chair - Full Review!

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To find a high chair that is foldable, sleek, and affordable used to be an oxymoron. But not anymore!

Introducing the Munchkin Float high chair, a new space saving high chair that has everything a parent could have dreamed of in a high chair, and then some. This high chair is so compact - and yes, it folds! How awesome is that!? Now in case you’re getting worried that a high chair that can fold and looks contemporary and sleek is definitely going to be way more expensive than what you planned on paying, here’s some good news: this high chair is priced at just $169.99. 


If compact is the word, the Munchkin Float high chair is it! Most high chairs that have come out recently are not foldable, but this one is. It's so compact and easy to store, and it’s also lightweight, at just 11 pounds, making it so easy to move it where you need it, when you need it. 

Neat and Clean

The smooth and modern no frills design of this high chair makes it simple to keep it meticulously spotless. Absolutely no nooks and crannies for dirt to hide in, so you can keep it clean to the core. And we love how the tray can be attached to the back of the high chair when folded, keeping things wonderfully organized!

Simple and Safe

There’s a 5-point harness system with adjustable straps, to keep baby safe during mealtime. The adjustable footrest allows for more leg room as your little one grows older. 

The Munchkin Float high chair totally checks all the boxes. It’s compact, sleek, and it even folds! This Munchkin high chair is economical, modern and more. Shop now!