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NEW Nuna Mixx Next 2020 Stroller - Full Review!

NEW Nuna Mixx Next 2020 Stroller - Full Review!

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Pack up and go anywhere with Nuna Mixx Next! Built apon the beloved original Nuna Mixx stroller, the new Mixx Next features some great new upgrades you are going to love! On the move, it’s a smooth ride you can maneuver with one hand and lay flat for quick naps on the go. The Mixx Next includes a compact fold-away axle™, and MagneTech Secure Snap ™ - the self-guiding magnetick buckle that automatically locks into place. Packed away, its compact fold lets it fit into tighter spaces, so you can take more trips to more places. Four modes—travel with MIXX next paired with a bassinet or PIPA™ series infant carrier, or use the stroller seat facing you or facing the world. SPECS The Nuna Mixx Next is a cute little stroller at 45" x 32" x 23.5"high and weighs 28.3. pounds. It is a full size stroller but it is an ideal size to maneuver any sidewalk or room. It is beautiful with a Smart and stately dark matte frame and chrome black wheels. nuna MIXX™ next Stroller (Nordstrom Exclusive Color) | Nordstrom FOLD Folding the stroller is beyond easy because the frame collapses when activating an automatic lock and compact fold-away axle™ for a more compact fold. The folded dimensions are 19" x 27.5" x 23.5". CANOPY Did you know there is evidence that sun exposure and sunburns during childhood multiply the risk of one day developing skin cancer, including melanoma? The Nuna Mixx Next Canopy offers SPF 50 protection to protect your little one from all the harmful sun rays and all the problems it can create. One of the panels in the canopy is made out of mesh and there is a cover for it. The canopy can be made even bigger by exposing the third panel which has mesh on both sides The third panel features a little mesh peekaboo window that is covered with a magnetic flap so mom and dad don’t wake the baby when they are taking a peek. The Canopy still manages to have great ventilation for baby even when it is completely open because of all the mesh windows so baby doesn’t get stuffy in their stroller. HANDLEBAR The handlebars is covered by hand sewn vegan leather and is adjustable. SEATS This stroller has reversible seats and a one hand recline. One of the reclining positions is completely flat and the leg rests are adjustable. The Removable seat liner will stand the test of time and can be easily washed. The mesh seat back will also keep your child comfortable in the hot summer months and adds more ventilation to the seat, these are all weather seats and can handle any type of weather. There is a five point non rethread harness as well as a removable two-piece bamboo blend fabric seat insert which grows as your child grows. The seat also includes removable arm bar for kids of all sizes. The seat can handle children up to 50 lbs. TRAVEL SYSTEM The Nuna Mixx Next is paired with color matching Nuna PIPA car seat and it comes with infant car seat ring adapters for Nuna PIPA car seat. WHEELS The front wheels swivel, but can be locked straight and the Nuna mixx Next also has Rear-wheel Free Flex suspension™ and front-wheel progressive suspension technology.The wheels are tough, rubber foam filled tires. This an all-terrain stroller and strolls beautiful in any surface. This stroller has flip flop friendly wheels between the rear wheels and color indicators making stopping on a dime as easy as can be. STORAGE The under seat basket is huge and can accommodate a big diaper bag and then some. It also has two pockets and a zipper for extra protection and room. This is a stroller you can take shopping with you and not use a cart and on top it all there is a cellphone pocket in the back of the stroller. PRICE The Nuna Mixx Next stroller starts at $749.95 and is perfect for on the go parents looking for a convenient but stylish stroller. shop now cursive Curious how the 2021 Mixx Next compares to the Nuna Mixx2 Stroller? Compare them here >

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